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 Thursday, September 03, 2009
 well today is my 26th wedding anniversary and time is flying by. this month started out with our water on the beach cleaned up great. finally got some green currents flowing into the bay's also i forgot to mention the jetty shack tournement . i won 3rd place for a flounder, a nice trophy and a little cash. i donated a trip that auctioned off at a 1000.00 dollars. the fundraiser was for our surfside police, ems, & fire department. it was a success and community got what they needed.

 Saturday, August 08, 2009
 summer started out with a bang,even though it was hot we caught some nice fish.. the deeper channels were the ticket,free shrimping mullet,shrimp and croakers. in march i invested in the oxygen system and did it make a differance in keeping the croakers alive. had a few trout over 27" a lot in the 25" range. all and all the fish were healthy and fat. didn't hit the surf but once or twice and never seem to be there at the right time.

 Wednesday, April 29, 2009
 all shallow sport owners.....tournament is coming up....Wes & Kyra put on one hell of a tournament....looking forward to it & seeing all old friends we have made over the years down there...will let ya know how we do...now remember we have to be on the pro division all that is on the boat with Capt hammer, there is an amature division, that one of my brothers will be in for the 1st time.

 Monday, April 27, 2009
 had a hard weekend due to weather, charter on saturday, was with 4 men & 1 young lady (can not believe she has 3 children) it started late, not because they were not there, but rain & lighting show up til 3am, so we decided to make it a late day & see just what we could pull out of an over casted, windy day. Guess what folks we ended up with 8 reds & 1 trout, they could not believe it, we went every where to get what we did.

 Wednesday, April 08, 2009
 tides are comming back in, water temp is rising, were right around the corner from some fastastic beach front fishing. reds are starting to hit on top in the bays, trout are getting active on the flats. spring time is here, looking forward to some early summer fishing, before it gets 9000 degrees. hope to see all the old fishing buddies soon. I have been calling Capt. Micky Eastman at least once a week, try & catch me there, I try to keep all informed of the bait sitiuation & what I see or hear about fishing in the tri-bay area, & if you don't know that is 610AM at 4-6am thursday & friday, & saturday & sunday 4-7am, listen while you are driving down to fish.

 Tuesday, March 31, 2009
 bussiness is still slow due to rebuild from IKE, but I have been busy with the Fishing Show in the beginning of March, where I was very happy to give a seminar over " fishing in the tri-bay area" that was an experience, I have also been lucky to speak at the Sugar Land CCA Chapter on my style of fishing. Winter time is over I had some great fishing days, some Nice reds on top waters, lots of trout on the bottom, had some really good wintertime patterns, tides were drown out really, really low, which concitrated the fish for easy fishing, & I mean easy, lots of solid trout, some nice flatties & a couple of reds on each trip.

 Monday, January 12, 2009
 had a trip on friday with 3 guys from galveston . we had 12 real nice trout and 6 nice flatties. tides were about 3.5 feet low.matter of fact not too many boats could launch .started fishing x/mas bay and ended up on the flats near deep water. the fish seemed to be holding along the drop offs near shell. this time of year that seems to be the pattern. lucky enough if you can time it just right between the fronts you can really put a hurting on them.

 Sunday, December 28, 2008
 hope everyone had a great x/mas and caught a lot of fish. forgot to mention in last article we have been putting a few nice flounder in the box also. we have also caught lots and lots of baby flounder witch could be a good thing. keep your fingers crossed.

 Saturday, December 20, 2008
 Dec. has been a great month.put a lot of trout in the box. not any monsters, but solid trout. Reds have been another story.tides were high and that spread them in the bay.cought them early in the month but have slowed since.had 3 guy's come down from Kansas last week and smoked the trout.cought 29 on thursday and 22 trout and a flounder on friday.

 Tuesday, January 29, 2008
 Capt. Glenn "Hammer" Hammond, will be again at the George R. Brown Fishing Show in March 4-9, hope to see all of the fishermen & fisherwomen I have taken out to stop by & visit, let's talk fishing. I will be located in the same area as last year....let's go fishing......

 Friday, January 11, 2008
 four men trip wanted to learn the bays from not hitting any sand bars, we did pretty good most of the day & they were seeing more sites of bays they had never been in, we even decided to go up a ditch to see if the alligator was out, oh my goodness did I get pie on my face we ended on dry ground all the way back to engine. thank heavens I had some big good old boys on board, we had to pick up that shallow sport inch by inch to get back to water, and we laughed all the way home, we still managed to take home 24 trout 17-24", we went out next day & had record break size caught, that is always a bonus for me.

 Sunday, December 30, 2007
 went out with clients & got 40 trout, what a day, once you got the feel of it, it was fish on. worms on the bottom, in a slow, slow, slow mode....get the net fish on, most of them you did not have to measure, well over 17", PS...I want to thank the Fish Gods for a great day.

 Saturday, December 01, 2007
 weather has been hard on fishing, water is cooling down & fish start to move slow & deep. took 1 man client out & had 15 trout 17-20" in lenght, 24 1/2" red, nice flatty (flounder)

 Friday, November 30, 2007
 took my brother with me fishing today, he got a 24" trout, most all trout 18-21" got our limit before noon, nice day of fishing, lot of catch & release, capt hammer

 Thursday, November 29, 2007
 limited out on trout today, by 8:30am, called a friend over & he did the same thing, let a wade fishermen on board my boat & he caught a few, all had a great day fishing, capt hammer

 Sunday, October 21, 2007
 Jetty Shack, in Surfside Beach, had their local fishing tournament & Team Hammond did not do too bad, 2nd place & 3rd place trophies. Capt Hammer, also donated an extra fishing trip to auction for the local Police to have a day of fun.

 Sunday, August 26, 2007
 melinda & I had a great day, 20 trout between the 2 of us & we did not keep anything less than 17", working worms....enjoyed days like this.

 Friday, June 01, 2007
 got in to some very nice trout early morning, felt like it was going to be a great day. called a friend up and ask if he was doing any good. said he had a 17" trout in the box and had cought a few under sized reds. told him we had 4 nice ones and suggested that he join us. within the hour he was anchored next to us. we put a couple more trout in the box that was in the 24" range. I look over at my buddy and his rod looked like it was about to break. he was real sly about what was going on or he was in shock. it took 10 minutes to land against a strong current but ended up to be a 29.5" trout. It's in the taxadermy as we speak. great job my friend, great job!

 Monday, May 28, 2007
 the weather caused me to cancel several trips this month but I was able to pat a one man charter on some nice trout down around san louis pass. only had 8 trout,couple of24", a few in the 22 to23" with a 26" topping the stringer.

 Friday, May 18, 2007
 shallow sport tournament south padre island, caught a lot of fish but no trophy this year. Melinda lost a heart breaking nice red. Got her in the grass and hung chow.Putted up to the fish, got within 4 feet of the huge, possible 27 to 28" slot red. Before we could get the net down to her she slow motionly swam away. As long as she fought that fish she should have gotten the HARD LUCK AWARD. We'll try again next year. I did manage to win a door prize though. A nice rod holder from Tops and Towers. I will say Shallow Sport folks know how to throw a awsome tournament.

 Sunday, April 08, 2007
 yesterday, my wife & I went afternoon fishing, got into some rat reds, Melinda pulled out a 23" red, we both got a 20 3/4" red, had fun with the catch & release. then decided to move & see what we could find, I lost something nice, casted abck to same place & hooked something that just about spooled me & requested Melinda to crank up the motor & follow the fish, for about 30 min we putted all over the bay, got a couple of boats attention, broke the net trying to land this fish, finally got it in the boat & could not believe our eyes, by our estimate it was a 20-25 lbs. Jack Cravelle in 3 ft deep water, that has to be a record on 12# test line, what a fight. one of the boats that was watching came over & took pictures. we decided we wanted to show our friends that was out fishing, so we put this Jack in our live well, you should have seen the shrimp jumping out of the box. got over to our friends & took more pictures & then released back into the bay a live & health Jack fish, man what a day fishing. Capt. Glenn ( hammer )

 Friday, April 06, 2007
 client canceled, had a quart of nice thumper jumpin shrimp and decided to take the dogs out with me. went back to the same secret spot and had a limit of fat red's at 9:30 am. fought all of the small red's i could stand. what a morning,wind still a blowing.